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Judge May Rule Next Week on Legality of Louisiana School Vouchers

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Entry Date: November 29, 2012
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Description: We could get a ruling from a Louisiana District Judge next week on whether it is legal to allow parents to pull money out of public schools to pay for their children to go to private or parochial schools. Louisiana teachers' unions and 43 districts filed lawsuits to end the practice that began at the beginning of this school year. They say it is illegal to allow public tax money to be used for private schools.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has been a big supporter of vouchers. He says they give parents more choices when their children don't perform well in public schools. He says the practice forces everyone to perform better because of the level of competition involved.

Baton Rouge Judge Tim Kelly is expected to announce a decision next week, based on arguments presented this week. Any decision will no doubt be appealed.

The voucher system has also come under fire because of the large number of schools that have been established, largely because of the availability of state money. Some argue the state doesn't force the private schools to meet the same academic standards as public schools and some children may in fact be getting a worse education.

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